Post Rock Scout Museum

About the Post Rock Scout Museum

The Post Rock Scout Museum was created in 2004 by Kathie Crispin, a long-time member of Girl Scouts and collector of Girl Scouts memorabilia. The collection now on display in the museum also includes memorabilia from Girl Guides, Pioneer Girls, Camp Fire Girls, Girl Reserves, and Boy Scouts. The items in the museum are a combination of her own purchases and trades, and the donations from former scouts in her community and across the country. The museum is part of the Non-profit organization, the Crispin Antiquarian Foundation.

The museum in housed in the Cummins Block Building in Lincoln, Kansas. The Cummins Block Building is listed on the National Registry of Historic Buildings. The building also houses Crispin's Drug Store Museum, curated by Kathie's husband, Jack Crispin, Jr.

The Post Rock Scout Museum has been welcoming guests from across the nation since its doors opened in 2004.