Post Rock Scout Museum

Kathie Crispin became a Brownie Girl Scout in Topeka, Kansas when she entered the 2nd grade (This was the earliest girls could become Girl Scouts at that time). Thus began her passion for the organization. She became a Girl Scout Leader in 1985 when two of her daughters became Girl Scouts, and she continues to lead a troop of Girl Scouts in Lincoln, Kansas now that her three daughters are adults. She has been awarded the Thanks Badge for her contributions, the second highest award that a Girl Scout volunteer can receive from the organization. She is a lifetime member of Girl Scouts.

Kathie collected Girl Scout memorabilia in the basement of her home for many years before she and her husband formed the Crispin Antiquarian Foundation and purchased the Cummins Block Building. Since that time, her collection has been housed in the Post Rock Scout Museum in the Northeast corner of the building. Her collection has expanded to include the memorabilia of Boy Scouts, Campfire Girls, and other scouting organizations.

Kathie Crispin attended Camp Daisy Hindman and was selected to be shadowed by a photographer who published the above photo in a special feature about the camp.